Recruiting, retaining, developing, and advancing women as leaders has become a strategic priority worldwide. Studies show that a critical mass of female executives and leaders at all levels, across an organization, drives revenue and creates a distinct competitive advantage.

Yet to truly drive and sustain change on gender diversity, organizations need to both support the unique needs of women and foster a culture that enables them to thrive.

This webinar series details a unique shared responsibility approach to advancing women worldwide: what organizations can do, what managers can do and what women can do.

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What organizations can do
The first webinar in this series focuses on the critical role organizational and HR leaders play in creating an inclusive environment for women to succeed. Watch this webinar to explore:

  • Common reasons for lack of progress on advancing women.
  • Essential but missing levers of change.
  • Invisible forces that hinder women and gender diversity.
  • Practical actions HR and top leaders can take to increase talent optimization for women.

What managers can do
Our second webinar in the series looks at how managers can drive change and explores:

  • Where and why women get “stuck.”
  • Why managers are vital to the equation.
  • The impact of manager involvement or lack of manager involvement.
  • The role managers can play to support women’s career growth.

What women can do
The third and final webinar focuses on what women can do to address organizational barriers to success to affect their careers and explores:

  • The truth about advancing careers in male-dominated environments.
  • Where and why women get “stuck.”
  • What women can do to achieve their growth goals.
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For years we’ve read bold headlines about the gender pay gap, reporting that around the world men are paid an average of 20% more than women.

Our research confirm this gap but also shows that when compared “like for like”, the gender pay gap reduces to 1.6%. Put simply, a man and a woman doing the same job in the same function and company, get paid almost exactly the same.

But one thing remains true: as a demographic group, women get paid less than men.

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